About Stella Lucchi

Stella Lucchi was founded in 2012, by jewelry designer Luz Barbosa. The line began as a simple outlet for emotional expression at a difficult time in her life, which grew into expanded creations meant to affirm the inner warrior and goddess in every woman. Each piece is a reflection of another place and time, a direct homage to the women of strength who have come before us all today.

Stella Lucchi is mainly comprised of old, unused, and broken jewelry that is rescued, re-purposed, and re-imagined into existence. Everything is handmade by Luz. Most are one-of-a-kind pieces.

In this therapeutic process of upcycling jewelry Luz was able to self-reflect and practice gratitude for existing possessions. Like a time capsule, each piece/part of our old jewelry tells a story and is a glimpse into one's life.

Stella Lucchi believes that we can uncover a renewed beauty in our existing jewels by upcycling them. Our upcycling actions heightens our compassion for the environment and reinforces mindful living.

Grab your one-of-a-kind accessory and be bold with Stella Lucchi.