about stella lucchi : Fashion Jewelry Nyc

In the summer of 2012, the first piece of up-cycled jewelry was created by Stella Lucchi, as a means to cope with the various heartaches that were manifesting in the life of founder, Luz Barbosa.

Stella Lucchi believes that every woman, at some point in her life, discovers who she truly is. This moment typically happens when she grows so weary in trying to become someone and completely surrenders. In this act, there is acknowledgement and full acceptance of who she is­, flaws and all.

Stella Lucchi feels that we live in a world where we are bombarded with messages from the media at an unbelievable rate. More now than ever, we are fed an illusion as to what it means to be a successful member of society and a productive adult. The media feeds us narratives that instill a sense of instant gratification. We see the reward without seeing all of the work that went on behind the scenes. We also consume messages that promote negative stereotypes, dysfunctional relationships and fake everything.

There are decreasing opportunities for authentic dialogues, meaningful interactions and the delight that comes from experiencing something novel and true. The media perpetuates a fantasy as to what it means to be alive. There is a cycle to all things in nature and as human beings we innately crave that which is real and of substance. As such, Stella Lucchi, can answer this craving that we all have. Stella Lucchi is rooted in balance and finding harmony. In order to experience true balance we need to be true to who we are.  We need to nourish our body, minds and spirit.

Stella Lucchi promises to create designer fashion jewelry that affirms how beautiful women are even with their broken pieces. Stella Lucchi believes that even with our flaws, and wounds, there is always beauty to be found or that can be created. This message resonates with women from all walks of life and stages of development, which fosters an immediate opportunity to form an emotional connection between the brand and its customer.